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YB Healthy Foods is a leading provider of high-quality, organic dried fruits and vegetables. With a commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle, we source our products from certified organic producers in Turkey, ensuring the purity and nutritional richness of our offerings. Our advanced drying techniques and hygienic processing environment guarantee that our products are free from contaminants and artificial additives. With a diverse range of gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan-friendly options.

Our overarching mission is to provide nutritious and delectable choices that enhance the well-being of our valued customers. YB Healthy Foods Inc. aspires to be a leading provider of premium, organic dried fruits, and vegetables in the U.S.A and Canada. Our central objective is to promote a healthier lifestyle by sourcing products from certified organic producers in Turkey, ensuring purity, and nutritional excellence. Through advanced drying techniques and a hygienic processing environment.

At YB Healthy Foods, we meticulously address all these considerations in our production processes. Our dedication lies in providing fresh, top-quality, and nutritious products. Customer satisfaction remains our foremost priority, and we consistently strive to uphold the highest standards in the production of our goods.

  • Turkey's Agricultural Abundance

    As an international wholesaler, YB Healthy Foods serves as a gateway to the rich agricultural diversity of Turkish fruits and vegetables. Turkey, endowed with diverse climates and fertile soils, has the potential to cultivate a wide array of produce.

  • Access to Agricultural Bounty

    Our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that healthier food choices today contribute to a healthier tomorrow. YB Healthy Foods has unique access to Turkey's agricultural abundance, sourcing fruits and vegetables from every corner of the country to ensure a timely and fresh supply.

  • Commitment to Quality Processing

    At YB Healthy Foods, our commitment to quality extends to the processing stage. Our fruits and vegetables undergo drying in a clean, healthy, and hygienic indoor environment, utilizing advanced Dry Food Processing Technology to eliminate contaminants and preserve purity.

  • Meeting Global Demand

    Responding to the growing global demand for healthy food options, our dried fruits and vegetables have gained considerable popularity. With a diverse range of offerings, our products not only meet nutritional standards but also align with health-conscious consumer preferences.

  • Exporting Quality Worldwide

    YB Healthy Foods' commitment to quality has propelled our products to international markets. The natural drying process preserves the superior quality, taste, and nutritional values of Turkish fruits and vegetables, making them a sought-after choice worldwide.

  • Health-Conscious Composition

    What sets our dried fruits and vegetables apart is their health-conscious composition. Free from gluten and sugar, our products are vegan-friendly, embodying a holistic approach to optimal nutrition for a vibrant and healthy life.